September 2 Press Release

To contact the DGH Conference’s Media Team, please reach out at
At this point, we would like to clarify that:
  1. The conference has been organized by academics in North America and Europe who work on India. They are scattered across many cosponsoring academic units, which are listed on our website.
  2. The Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference is cosponsored by departments, centers, and other academic units from 50+ universities worldwide, including units from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, NYU, Rutgers, and more. The full list of cosponsoring units is now available on the conference website at
  3. No money has been paid to any of the speakers to participate. Bare minimum funds required for logistics and maintaining a website have been raised from cosponsoring academic units. All the motivated and scurrilous allegations in the right-wing media in India, claiming this conference is funded by everyone from George Soros to the CIA to the Taliban to the Pakistan Army, are utterly false and baseless.
  4. From day one, this conference has made clear on its website and on social media that the target of our critique is the 100-year-old political ideology of Hindutva. We categorically reject any insinuations that to critique Hindutva is to attack Hindus. Indeed, we consider Hindutva to be deeply anti-Hindu in its attempts to co-opt the faith to pursue its discriminatory and violent political agenda.
  5. All speakers, organizers, and cosponsors are doing the work of holding space for this important conversation and defending it against attacks for free, out of integrity, and out of a commitment to academic freedom and the right to critique Hindutva ideology. We ask that the media immediately stop circulating false allegations about an academic conference on a topic that a wide range of academics are clear is urgent to discuss.


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