Endorsed by 60+ Community Organizations

We are writing to endorse the academic conference ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ to be held September 10-12, 2021. Hindutva has come to shape politics and culture in powerful ways both in India and abroad, and we believe that there is a great need for the study of it. We congratulate you on co-sponsoring this conference!

We are aware of an ongoing campaign against this conference by the Hindu Right which includes the use of troll armies to mimic a grassroots response. As members of the South Asian diaspora, we would like to contest their claims of “Hinduphobia”, and offer an important clarification: We understand “Hinduism” to refer to the religion, while “Hindutva” refers to a violent political ideology that promotes an exclusionary vision of India as a Hindu homeland where non-Hindu minorities and caste-oppressed communities can only be second-class citizens. We consider the Hindu Right’s attempt to conflate Hindutva with Hinduism to be in bad faith, designed to manipulate religious sensitivities in order to shield themselves from criticism. As South Asians, we would like to underline that a critique of Hindutva does not constitute an attack on Hinduism, nor is it “Hinduphobia”. 

We look forward to the conference, and thank you for your support of this conference!


Endorsed By:

    1. Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia, Cambridge, MA
    2. Alliance of Progressive South Asians (APSA), Twin Cities, MN
    3. Alliance of South Asians Taking Action (ASATA), San Francisco Bay Area, CA
    4. Ambedkar International Center Inc, Accokeek, MD
    5. Ambedkar King Study Circle, San Jose, CA
    6. Ambedkarite Buddhist Association of Texas, Dallas, TX, USA
    7. ANSWER Coalition
    8. Anti Police-Terror Project, Oakland, CA, USA
    9. Aotearoa Alliance of Progressive Indians, New Zealand
    10. Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC), San Francisco, CA
    11. Asian Law Alliance, San Jose, CA
    12. Bay Area Solidarity Summer, San Francisco Bay Area, CA
    13. Boston Study Group, Boston, MA
    14. Brown & Green: South Asian Americans for Climate Justice, Berkeley, CA
    15. CERAS (Centre sur l’asie du sud), Montreal, Canada
    16. Chicago Coalition for Human Rights in India, Chicago, IL
    17. Chicago Desi Youth Rising (CDYR), Chicago, IL
    18. Coalition Against Fascism in India (CAFI), USA
    19. Coalition for Justice and Accountability, San Jose, CA
    20. Coalition of Americans for Pluralism in India (CAPI), Detroit, MI
    21. Coalition of Seattle Indian-Americans, Seattle, WA
    22. Dr. Ambedkar International Mission (AIM), Canada
    23. Friends for Education International, USA
    24. Friends of India,Texas  (FIT) Austin, TX
    25. Global Bahujan Group (GBG), White River Junction, VT
    26. Hampton Institute, USA
    27. Hindus for Human Rights, USA 
    28. Human Agenda, San Jose, CA, USA
    29. India Civil Watch International, North America
    30. Indian Alliance Paris, Paris, France
    31. Indian American Muslim Council, USA
    32. Indian Solidarity Finland, Finland
    33. InSAF India (International Solidarity for Academic Freedom in India)
    34. Japanese American Citizens League, Sequoia Chapter, Santa Clara, CA
    35. Justice for All, Chicago, IL
    36. Nepal Aadibasi Janajati Mahasangh, Santa Rosa, CA, USA
    37. Peace Vigil, USA
    38. Periyar-Ambedkar Study Circle- America, USA
    39. Periyar International USA, Gurnee, IL
    40. Philadelphia South Asian Collective, Philadelphia, PA, USA
    41. Philly Socialists, Philadelphia, PA, USA
    42. Pro-People Arts Project Media Group, Ontario, Canada
    43. Rational Medicine Network, London, UK
    44. Sadhana: Coalition of Progressive Hindus, USA
    45. San Jose Peace and Justice Center, San Jose, CA
    46. Scottish Indians for Justice, UK  
    47. Sikh Information Center, Lathrop, CA
    48. South Asia Solidarity Group, London, UK
    49. South Asian Dalit Adivasi Network (SADAN), Canada
    50. South Asians for Inclusiveness Inc., Australia
    51. South Asian Youth in Houston Unite (SAYHU)
    52. Students Against Hindutva Ideology (SAHI), USA
    53. Teesri Duniya Theatre Montreal, Canada 
    54. Telangana Vidyavanthula Vedika-North America, USA
    55. The Humanism Project, Australia
    56. Trauma Informed San Jose (TISJ), San Jose, CA
    57. Twin Cities South Asia Solidarity Collective, Minneapolis, USA
    58. US Free Saibaba Coalition, NY, USA
    59. United Kirat Rai Organization of America, California Chapter, San Francisco, USA
    60. Voices Against Fascism, USA
    61. World Thamil Organization, Cary, NC
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